Week 1 Curriculum

Week 1 Activities and Discussion

In this week we focused on genetics more broadly, aiming to accurately appreciate the role genes play in our lives. We began first by discussing the career of a clinical geneticist, an individual whose job it is to understand genes, traits, heritability, and to provide risk assessment to concerned patients. We then moved on to genetics more generally, showing that many of the beliefs people have about genes are misconceptions. Finally, we spent some time performing our first lab, “Genes in a Tube,” the aim of which was to show DNA firsthand to the students and thus to ground the study of genes more firmly in reality.

Overview of the Clinical Geneticist Role

In the above document we described the career of a clinical geneticist

Introduction to Genetics and Genetic Traits

In this slideshow we confronted some common genetic trait misconceptions. We showed that many of the traits people believe to be genetic are not, and that there is far more to genetics than most people understand.

Lab 1: Genes in a Tube

In our first lab we performed the process of DNA extraction. This interesting experiment allows us to see DNA with our naked eye, since DNA is insoluble in a salt alcohol mixture.