Guaranteed Admission

In order to qualify for Guaranteed Admission to the DGS Program, a student must meet ALL of the following:

  1. Have entered the University of Connecticut as a freshman
  2. Apply to the Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Program within two years of their freshman admissionmicroarray genetic testing UCONN
  3. Complete 3 successive semesters of full time study of required coursework at the University of Connecticut
  4. Earn an Overall Grade Point Average of a minimum of a 3.2
  5. Meet all Admission Requirements, have completed pre-requisites, and file a Department of Allied Health Sciences Application by the February 1st deadline

Guaranteed Admission does not guarantee the student will be admitted to their first choice of concentration option (cytogenetics or molecular diagnostics), this is done on a competitive basis.

University of Connecticut students who do not meet the Guaranteed Admission criteria will be reviewed competitively on a space available basis.