Genetics Resources

There are a number of professional organizations, some specific to a discipline, others for anyone working in the field of genetics, e.g., the American Society for Human Genetics.  Organizations often have discounted rates for student membership, offer student scholarships and awards, post job ads, and announce conferences and seminars.  Visit often to stay current with what’s happening in your professional field of study.

Want to Learn More About Genetics?

National Human Genome Research Institute NHGRI: Advancing human health through genomics research

  1. Frequently asked questions about genetic testing
  2. Chromosome Abnormalities

NHGRI Online Genetics Education Resources

Riegel M. Human molecular cytogenetics: From cells to nucleotides. Genetics and Molecular Biology. 2014;37 (1 Suppl):194-209.

Rajesh R. Singh, et al (2016) Implementation of next generation sequencing in clinical molecular diagnostic laboratories: advantages, challenges and potential, Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug Development, 1:1, 109-120

The Centers for Disease Control Public Health Genomics

Genetics Home Reference provides consumer-friendly information about the effects of genetic variation on human health.