Week 1 Curriculum

Two young scientists display their work. In this week we spent a great deal of time getting into the swing of things, discussing genetics more broadly.

-Overview of the Clinical Geneticist Role

-Introduction to Genetics and Genetic Traits

-Lab 1: Genes in a Tube

Students displaying groupwork

Week 2 Curriculum

Depicted here, two students show off their chromosome chart. Human chromosomes can be used to determine risks of genetic diseases and possible complications with having children. In this week’s lessons we discussed genetics and the likelihood of developing a genetic condition or of having a child with a genetic disease.

-Overview of the Genetic Counselor Role

-Description of and Motivation for Genetic Testing

Students talking and laughing

Week 3 Curriculum

This week was packed full of exciting topics. In this photograph we see the fun we’re all having at LEDGE. We spent a lot of time discussing other careers in genetics, some of which are not directly related to the hard sciences. We also went in depth on the topic of cancer genetics and determining the likelihood of developing certain cancers.

-Other Careers in Genomics

-Cancer Genetics and How Your Genes Affect Cancer Likelihood

-Lab 2: DNA Microarrays

Students talking and laughing

Week 4 Curriculum

This week we discussed genetics and genomics plans of study. We also spent some time talking about how genetics affects athletic performance and success. The students did some research to determine the most useful genes for specific types of athletes!

-Build your Best Athlete

-Scholarships and Plans of Study in Genetics and Genomics