How does the Clinical Placement Work?

  • Students call or visit the affiliated internship sites in advance of the students’ Preference List Due Date (Sept 15 of the student’s final year)
  • A student is “matched” at a site for which a valid agreement with the University exists at the time of the placement decision.
  • The Program faculty work together to match each student as closely as possible with the student’s top choice, some sites may be more popular than others
  • Because the final decision is made by the Program (typically in October), the student remains eligible to receive financial aid (if already receiving aid)
  • The internship time frame is typically Jan 2 – June 30
  • The DGS interns are not paid, a few sites may provide a small stipend
    Once matched, the student is responsible for…

  • Locating housing
  • Transportation
  • Parking costs
  • Housing costs
  • University tuition for 15-16 credits clinical/practicum course work
  • University fees
  • Where you can go…
    The internship sites may vary from year to year for many reasons. A list of current sites are available by selecting from “Affiliated Cytogenetic Labs” and “Affiliated Molecular Labs” at the top of the page.

Important information regarding program standards of conduct