A Path to Pursuing a Profession in Women’s Health at Mount Sinai

Heather Reis recently posted an article on Mount Sinai Inside where she details her career and work at Mount Sinai. She talks about wanting to help with women’s health and finding a place to do that at Mount Sinai.

“One of the greatest pleasures working at Mount Sinai has been my opportunity to join the staff of the Blavatnik Family Women’s Health Research Institute. Working with the team at the Institute has been a rewarding experience. Being able to work with others who share a passion for women’s health, while working on expanding the research opportunities at Mount Sinai and beyond, keeps me engaged and focused on current trends in the women’s health field. The Institute seeks to address women’s health concerns across the lifespan by engaging in research, education, and networking activities that foster a positive community in search of a common goal.”

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