Month: October 2016

Cornucopia of Cool

UCONN’s College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources held its annual Cornucopia event on October 1st 2016. The day was a huge success for both the college and DGS! While families, students, and members of the community enjoyed the Cornucopia scavenger hunt, toured the UCONN forest, and enjoyed countless other activities the day had to offer the DGS team was hard at work promoting family history awareness.

At the DGS booth, Taylor Couture and Andrew Galinsky (DGS seniors) advocated the importance of family history making sure to emphasize the need to reach out to family members and discuss family health concerns. With the recent advances in pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, treatment options for hereditary diseases have improved drastically. Knowing ones family history allows patients to be treated more efficiently and effectively, and thus a HELPFUL tool when promoting human health and wellness.  DGS Alumna Liz Tomasco stopped by to say hello.